Edify Externship - CONSULTANCY

We provide the best candidates towards reliability. We seek to distinguish ourselves by providing the most possible flexibility and reliability in customer service. Our network enables clients to benefit from a package tailored to their needs and time requirements. We have created a distinct position for ourselves in the industry for providing valuable solutions in all aspects.

Our services include Training & Development, Staffing Solution and Recruitment Services. Besides, we are an efficient Career Consultant and Human Resource Audit. These services are served across various industries like BFSI, BPO/IT/ITES/KPO, Human Resource, Engineering / Technical, Medical/Health Care/Pharmaceuticals and Event Management. Maintaining the highest levels of honesty and integrity in our day to day services, we help clients stand out in the crowd by giving them more than just what they want.

We are backed by expert professionals who strive for the growth and development of clients in each sphere. The very name of E2S (EDIFY) is associated with commitment, quality and excellence which are reflected in our everyday services. Our efforts are genuine and our intentions are to provide value to our clients’ money always.


The UNIQUE “E2S” (Education to Service) developed by Edify externship, helps in cementing the gap between the industry expectations and the Students skill set. The different methodologies of companies for recruitment of human resource have their eye on different types of candidates including experienced laterals and fresh graduates. 

Our knowledge factory concentrates on the fresher’s and provide them appropriate training, which helps in honing their skill sets on top of the basic education provided by their respective colleges.  We are here to make smart employable professional, our advantage is we can create professional in every industry as and when required with our vast corporate connect.

Our Approach can be summarized in 3 simple steps….

STEP 1 – Identifying the need of the company

STEP 2 – Preparing the students (job aspirants) in accordance to the company’s need. We provide them training in THREE major divisions:-

  1. Enhancing their technical knowledge
  2. Practical classes: implementing their knowledge in real time work.
  3. Overall Personality Development
  4. Preparing them for the job ahead.

STEP 3 – Giving them the opportunity (platform) to prove their worth.


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